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Its never too late to begin ... 

It doesnt take a genius to blog just someone with enough wit and energy to withstand the pace of the times, constantly rebuilding themselves until they are better and able to teach back solutions learned to those who follow. Its more than a hobby these days its a way of life why not begin the process of creating a guide of our best work yet, and start somewhere. 

Leslie Fischman, 


Brief overview of what it takes to be a top blogger on your platform, on social media, and on your website, how to generate comments likes and follows no matter where you are blogging from online.

Step 1: Choose a Platform

Build your own Website, Find a Host, Pick a Domain Name, Blog Anywhere

If you need a network, choose a network to hashtag your material into to gain followers and likes, if comments matter, be public, its your choice, hashtag to all, or find you by SEO and be available on search engines, need likes hire a distributor. 

Step 2: You Need Ads

Monetize your website, what have you got to lose, but everything to gain, and while youre at it, get analytics. But first get a following. 

In order to get Ads, or share products via Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Shareasale, ClickBank, Shopstyle, you have to apply, and in return you can get cents for clicks.

Step 3: Analytics

Some programs offer more detail than others, how to know when youre blog starts taking off, keep track of your progress, then apply to be listed.

Its not just about your follower count. Consistent traffic means positive momentum, and with that momentum growth, thats when its time to ensure the quality of your work remains the same, no errors arise upon being attacked as a credible source online, and be proud of the number of page views earned once you finally blossom. -As you grow more will be expected of you, more information. 

Step 4: Start Networking

Join Facebook Groups, Follow RT Accounts, Get to Know Other Bloggers in the Community and in Your Niche, Learn About the Companies that Support Bloggers, Mentors Around and Courses Available, as well as popular Influencer Marketing Bootcamps.

Once you have a blog, make a business card, and sign up for a google mixer and show up and actually talk about the work you are doing, and what your plans are, and get to know other people in the business and what they have done with their websites to build traffic and create successful businesses.   


Bloggers Directory ...


Get Ranked and Alexa Certified, Apply and Register Your Website. Building Credentials Gets You Listed Among the Top. 

Managing Subscribers

Set up Widgets on Website to Collect Email Addresses, unlike mentions on social media, they are choosing for you to send them an update to their email address from you, without you having to manually @ them, your analytics do not keep track of names or followers. Its better to create options for sign up & add buttons! Even if you are only able to provide more information or services long after they have already signed up, make pages!

Content Creation

There are free services and there are paid for services when it comes to content creation everything from writing, blog posts, logos, cards, banners, all of that matters, thats the best part, its not just a UK Blogger thing, always maintain some uniformity and let your creative side shine, it doesnt all need to be the same, but you should not use the same materials used by others without citation, the majority of your work or artistic productions should be from you, unique, thats what makes you stand out, not just your SEO. 

Social Media Channeling

Here lies your opportunity to share your work via links and hashtags, integrating your material into newsfeeds for new viewers to find your work as categorized and for followers to stay updated with your most recent work showing up in their newsfeeds, every link comes with a box nowadays dont forget to add photos to posts & titles on top for search purposes -how you file yourself online is how you get found & dont forget to make pages on Facebook to promote your work and build a group of Likes.

Ways to Monetize 

Always first sign up for Google Adwords and Google Adsense, Banners you can apply for on Shareasale, Wordpress you sign up and Banners are automated for you, SEO drives traffic to your website, you can get paid for clicks if you do affiliate marketing short link your links and keep track. You can also get paid to write blog posts for other websites dont forget to look. And as an Influencer can get paid percentage earn commission on sales. 


Courses for Bloggers


Build Your Own Website

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